Costituire una Srl in Ucraina Company registration in Ukraine

Limited liability company (LLC) in Ukraine is the most optimal legal form.  LLC in Ukraine may consist of one and up to a hundred shareholders.

There are no requirements to a minimum share capital of LLC in Ukraine.

The share capital shall be paid as follows within 365 days from the date of incorporation.

Each member of LLC in Ukraine is liable in proportion to share capital part invested. The liability of the company before third parties (employees, government agencies etc.) is assumed by the Director of the Company.

The Director has the right to access Company account and make all decisions except for the limitations imposed by the Statute.

LLC in Ukraine is a legal unit and is authorized to do all the activities stipulated in the Statute, as well as all operations necessary or useful for the attainment of social purpose of the LLC.

A summary of taxation rules for LLC in Ukraine:
  • General tax on income is 18% of the income;;
  • Value added tax (VAT) is 20%;
  • Social security contributions and contributions related to employees is 37% (but it varies due to the risk class so is changeable);
The Director of LLC can be Ukrainian resident or non-resident having a work permit in Ukraine.
In order to proceed with the state registration of LLC we’ll need the passport translations of shareholders of LLC. Those translations can be made either in Lviv or in your country (not included into the price for registration).
Producing of Ukrainian tax codes for shareholders which are required in order to incorporate LLC costs 50 EUR for each code.
If the owner of the LLC is a foreign legal entity, we need the following additional documents:
the document confirming the registration of a foreign legal entity in its country of location (for example, estrtto di Visura camerale);
the decision of foreign legal entity stating about establishment of the company in Ukraine.
Incorporation of LLC in Ukraine

The estimated time for LLC registration is 1 to 2 weeks. The registration of the company includes:
    1. the preparation of required documents that includes translations, statute, minutes, acts;
    2. opening a bank account;
    3. production and registration of the round seal of the company;
    4. handling of all necessary documents to be fully functional;
    5. notary services;
    6. translations of documents, including power of attorney and non-resident passport, production of identification codes for non-residents.
The estimated time for obtaining licenses, permits etc., depends on type of business planning to conduct. When establishing a cafe, fast-food, restaurant, the estimated time for obtaining of all permits needed to conduct business will take 1 months approximately.
Obtaining of a work permit for LLC allowing to employ foreigners and temporary residence permit for the shareholders of LLC

Please consider that the LLC may have work permit and shareholders - the temporary residence permit only if they are employed at LLC having the work permit. Also, pay attention that the work permit can be obtained by the LLC only after it was incorporated, and the foreigner may obtain the temporary residence permit only after LLC obtained the work permit.
The estimated time for obtaining of the work permit is 1 month per each foreign employee.
The estimated time for obtaining of the temporary residence permit is 1 month for each foreigner employed at LLC after it received appropriate work permit.
Obtaining of work permit includes:
1. Preparation and submission to the employment center all of required documents.
2. Drafting of employment contracts.
3. Notary costs.
4. The cost of translation and legalization of documents.
5. Governmental fees for extracts, certificates and more.
6. Other necessary documents.
A certificate of the country of origin (residence) of the citizen which confirms that he is not serving his sentence for committing a crime and is not under investigation, and a document issued by a health care organization confirming that the foreigner is not suffering from the chronic alcoholism, substance abuse, drug addiction or other infectious diseases the list of which is approved by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, the foreigner must provide on his own.
Obtaining of temporary residence permit after the work permit was received:
1. Preparation and submission to the Migration authority all of required documents.
2. Notary costs.
3. The cost of translation and legalization.
4. Governmental fees for extracts, certificates and more.
5. Other necessary documents.

The foreigner must provide independently valid medical insurance policy and power of attorney produced in the country of his residency (if such is needed).